Friday, July 17, 2009

Two minutes is an eternity

I'm going to finish a half marathon next year.

Take that in for a minute. I currently don't own a pair of tennis shoes and haven't since the house fire. I had to buy boots for work since it was winter. Then I bought sandals in the spring. And flip flops because they are my shoe apparel of choice.
I don't OWN tennis shoes. So that's on my to-do list.
So. What prompted this? Part is because I've recently begun talking to a friend who runs. And it sparked me. I've DREAMED of running.
But I'm not a small girl. I've got boobs and hips. I'm researching what bra to buy so that the girls don't knock me out. Ya know. And I'm reading books about training and diet and all sorts of things that I never dreamed of researching.
I am freakin' excited.
My girls are incredulous, and dare I say, non-believers.
But they should know better than to bet against the Mama.
I'm checking everything out right now. Mapping it out in my head before I lace up my nonexistent tennies. Getting a feel for it. But I'm going to do it.
Progress as it warrants.
I'm still in the planning stages.
And by the way...2 minutes is one of the first things you do when alternating between the running and walking. LOL
I used my stopwatch on my cell and almost stroked out. Who knew 120 seconds could be so long? lmao


Lyvvie said...

Good on you for getting the running bug. Here's some advice from a runner who started out as a big girl too: Get a good sport bra. The best I can recommend is Enell. They are expensive, but mine are now three years old, get used a few times a week and are still like new so they are worth the investment. The boobies will not bounce I promise you. Secondly, get some god running music. Best place for FREE running tunes is iTunes podcast Podrunner by DJ Steve Boyett (You can also download from his website, just google him). It's a bit techno, and trance but keeps the beat and you can choose from slower beats per minute to high intensity. He also does a series called Podrunner Intervals which are designed to get you running up to your first 5K and then 10K with a run/walk/run program that you can take to your pace. Also free. Lastly, go to a proper running shoe store and find out what type of shoe best suits your stride and foot strike style. Trust me if you value your knees and hips you'll find one. Then, don't be terrified by the pricetags on those running shoes. You can often find a style or brand you like and then go to Zappos and get them much cheaper, or try one of thier bargain brands. If you're not keen on that, a good starting shoe is a cushioned shoe from Saucony. Do not get a cross training shoe! I mean it - they're rubbish.

You'll have to let us know how it all goes. Hooray!

Rene said...

Yay for you, I will cheer you on. Won't be joining you, however, I don't like running, never have.

I think its a great goal, good luck and keep us posted on your progress.