Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Raising Romantics

I came across the 50th Anniversary Edition of An Affair to Remember. My God. I LOVE this movie. Watched it when I was much smaller with my Mom. Watched it last night with two of the chickens. (Oldest is in San Antonio with Upward Bound)
Before we even popped it in, MC looked at me and asked if it had a "happy ending." I smiled and said yes.
In it went.
Just in case you've NEVER seen this movie. And if you haven't...shame on you!!! *laughing*

When our two lovers returned to "normal life" and then made a pact to meet at the Empire State Building, one doesn't make it. In fact, she is looking up, and a car hits her.
My BC looks at me in horror and says, "What kind of movie IS this???"
Or when Cary Grant's sweet elderly grandmother passes. Once again....shock and dismay. But it's pivotal to the story.
In the end, though, that's the beauty of it. Two people meant to be together overcoming all odds.

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Brook said...

Whooeee. Thanks for the reminder. Watched it again years ago when ummmm You've Got Mail came out. Need to do it again.