Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tales from the couchside

TV? Hell, who needs TV?

We watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last weekend. Excellent movie. Go see it! So we're all laying about the other evening in the living room. I'm sprawled on the couch. Two girls are in single chairs. One sitting on the floor. And I'm tired. Please keep this in mind.
OC and MC were talking to each other (i.e. giving each other shit about everything under the sun), and I would pop in my opinion from the couch. Then I would pull my invisibility cloak *snickering* over me and pretend I hadn't said anything.
Yes. The answer to your question is: Crystal is simple when she doesn't sleep. K?
OC finds it amusing. MC rolls her eyes. (She's rather good at that.) So OC was encouraging me, and we were laughing and whatnot. And MC pops off with the suggestion that I need professional help, and she doesn't see what's so funny, anyway. This is followed by another eye roll. Then she proceeds to announce that she doesn't "speak" Star Trek or Star Wars. She leans forward into OC's personal space, and OC says, "Back off, Princess Leia."
And that was it.
The couch and I almost parted ways. lmao
It went rapidly downhill from there.
Good times at the house.

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