Friday, November 21, 2008

The Sandman Sucks

I've been awake since a little after four. I didn't go to bed until 11:36 pm.
That is a NAP. That is not a night's sleep. At least, not for me.
Usually I get up, go to the bathroom, and toddle back to bed for a couple of hours to try and recuperate.
Not so much this morning. Why? Couldn't tell ya. But I'm not remotely pleased about this.

I've already warned the girls that we would not be going ANYWHERE this weekend. HA! This is due to the fact that I ran all over God's creation for my chickens last weekend. I am NOT exaggerating. Everyone had plans. Sleepovers. Movies. Shopping. Yada yada yada. *eye twitch* *eye twitch*
They ran me ragged.
So I put my foot down on their budding little plans with my directive:
Ye shall work on book reports, clean your rooms, and pester not the Mama.
Dig it?
All good.

Last night, after I worked a full day, I drove home and then drove back to town so that the chickens could visit the mall. MC plasters her face against the passenger's window and exclaims, "I'm home!" as soon as she sees the lights of the mall.
Help me.
So we bip inside. Chickens scatter. OC has a gift card. BC looks for shoes. MC has saved her money (miracle of all miracles) and is looking for shirts.
I liked to never have pried MC OUT of Rue 21.
And to top that off, there is an obnoxious little booth in the middle of the aisle where two sentries await unsuspecting shoppers and attempt to lure them into a conversation in hopes of a sale.
Pissed. Me. Off.
I almost lost it. Hard to imagine, huh? *grins*
The female accosted me on one side wanting to talk about my nails. I explain that my manner of upkeep is clipping them--while never breaking stride. Then the male stepped in my way on the way back and asks for a minute of my time.
"NO, thank you."
Kept walking.
I fairly kept it together. But I warned the chickens that the next time I shop at the mall and see either of these two twits, all bets are off. That's the warning shot.

Took Monday off since I work the Saturday after Thanksgiving. So I have a bit of a long weekend. And Monday without the chickens.

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Mr. Me said...

MC sounds like me... "I'm home" when it comes to the mall. Don't ask how long I spent at the mall last night. GAP did have a sale. Spend $75 and get $25 off. Then Macys had almost everything for 15% off. Oh. And I was also "at home" the night before. One night was to browse and one night was to buy.

As for those salespeople who try to accost you in the middle of the mall. I usually appear as unfriendly as possible talking on my cell phone, then if they try to interrupt me I snidely reply "can't you see I'm on the phone?" If I'm not acting impersonal and on the phone I just walk by and ignore them, or if I'm going slow enough to talk I let out a loud NOT INTERESTED.