Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blah blah blah

That would be the summation of pretty much everything at this juncture.

I feel like hammered dog crap. That, in itself, certainly isn't conducive to working on NaNoWriMo (eh...under 4000 words so far). It doesn't lend a helping hand for me to ambitiously tackle any other writing project. Hell, I don't even want to get dressed in the morning.
I'm exhausted.
However, knowing myself as I do, this will change. When...would be the kicker. Hopefully soon. So I will blather on about what's going on in my neck of the woods.

Welcome to those who have decided to chance upon my blog and read the ramblings of a quixotic mind. *waving*
Everyone's welcome here. Well, almost everyone. If you're peddling Viagra or something of the sort, you may pass on quietly and take your faux blue pills with you.
I'll be reading the new Christine Feehan book. And also, the new Chelsea Handler. I'll more than likely buy Twilight this weekend because I plan on reading it before I watch it at the movies. THIS is what you get when you have chickens in the house. They dictate what I will have to watch at the theater more often than not. I did, however, get out of watching House Bunny.
I don't watch much reality tv. I think most of it blows. It seems to bring out the REALLY unattractive (re: scheming, manipulative, fucked-up) side of people. I do enjoy The Biggest Loser, though. Or I did. Until this season.
Keep in mind, I have only missed one season. I like to watch the whole transformation of person. It's great. And the finale where you can really see the difference is inspiring.
Bob and Jillian are fantastic. And the contestants are usually personable enough that viewers root for them.
However, there is a bitch from hell this season. And cohort bitch. Really??? They couldn't just have one? Do they do a damn PSYCH eval before casting this show? And if not, then they should seriously look into that.
Vicky is a pathetic, whining, manipulative bitch from hell who makes me want to bitch slap her. There is no redeeming value whatsoever in her. I feel pity for her children, family, and anyone else that happens to be breathing the same air as she does. She's a waste of space. And certainly a waste of my two-hour viewing time.
Heba is quite hideous, too. She must be the center of attention. And if she's not, God forbid, then she draws it back to her. She has a large mouth with very little sense. A great sense of self-importance with no scruples and negligible intelligence.
Both are arrogant and nauseating. These two are ugly on the inside. Too bad Biggest Loser doesn't do personality transplants.
*deep breath*
That's been lurking for awhile. But I didn't want to waste a whole blog about what pathetic pieces of shit they are. Just a couple of paragraphs.
Onwards and upwards.
I have received most of the Christmas list for chickens. That's a good thing. Now we shall see if Santa delivers coal, or if he'll come through with art sets and clothes and minutes for phones. He's pretty good like that.
I shall ask for sanity. But considering my track record, I may as well plan for coal.

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Lyvvie said...

I'm not a fan of that show. I find a lot of these type of competition shows bring out the worst in folks. The poor sports, the whiners, the "I deserve better now gimmie it" types. At least with Hell's Kitchen we get to see Gordon Ramsay rip the jerks a new one in classic Glaswegian style.

Chrys - under 4000? Even I have more and I have the evil "I can't do this!" whine monster on my shoulder. you'll get it, I know you will. Pull your finger out and get typing. I'll be there to congratulate you on your completed 50K on the 30th.