Tuesday, December 02, 2008

In Absentia

I would love to report that in this lengthy absence I was a productive, happy, healthy individual.
I would be lying out my ass.
So let's break it down and see what I HAVE done.
I gained five pounds. I swear. Thanksgiving is the ONLY day I can eat Velveeta dip with ro-tel and sausage and call it breakfast. pft
I had to have my brakes fixed. Driving into town from twenty-five miles out with no brakes does NOT give one warm fuzzies.
I received a call today from the girls' school that MC chose to receive swats for a disciplinary problem. Now. Tell me how damn smart it is to refuse to move to another seat when you are caught talking/laughing/disrupting class. Not too damn smart when your actions mean that you won't be seeing "Twilight" this year. Much less with your best friend, her bf, and your crush du jour. Sucks, don't it?
I haven't written one single word. I don't think jotting down a title and premise sentence count. Do you? Of course, that's how The Portrait came to be. *pondering*
In other words, I haven't done much of anything. I spent Sunday on the couch. I feel as though all I do is run around with errands when I'm not working. My ass is dragging. My ulcer is flaring. I am displeased.
I did, however, do a bit of online shopping. Feeling pretty froggy about that. But my teeter totter is still leaning in the "screw a bunch of this" direction.

p.s. Did anybody feed Periwinkle???


Lyvvie said...

You eat velveeta for breakfast and then complain about your ulcer. oi vey.

Hey my verification is "litedies" what does that mean?

Crystal* said...


Velveeta hasn't touched my lips in about a year. *grins* Don't even ask what the light spinach ravioli has done to me. Oye, indeed.
"litedies" either means sheer undies or literary comedies.
You pick.

Rene said...

I hear you on the weight gain. I pretty much ate an entire pumpkin cheesecake on my own. And my mom brought over homemade pies on Tuesday, so I'm not getting much of a break.

I feel like I have been out running errands constantly. I hate it. Today I've stayed home trying to catch up on the laundry. Tomorrow I'm back out again and forget the weekend.