Friday, August 08, 2008


I've been a good girl lately. (For the most part.)
I don't kick animals. I'm kind to the elderly and the young. I haven't smothered my children in their sleep. There have been EFFORTS, I'm telling ya.

So. Could someone, ANYONE, explain to me why I deserve to have my ex move in next door to me?
I simply don't understand.

The ex was supposed to be moving 8 miles away. Down another highway. That "fell through."
So the ex bought a trailer. And of all the freakin' land in my rural school district, the ex rents a spot on the other side of my pond.
The other side. Of my fucking pond. I can see the damn driveway.
Get the picture?

So. My new neighbor? Oh yeah. The person I used to love who screwed me over as hard as possible.
I really don't think there will be a housewarming gift.


Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* sweetie. That totally sucks swamp water.

Lyvvie said...


*But it does sound like the start to a great story.*

Who said that?! Smack them!

Is he a good Dad, at least?

This is too unfair since you deserve space and peace after the hell of the fire an everything.

Does this mean no more naked lawn mowing??

Come to Scotland.

Rene said...

You could always drown said ex in said pond.