Wednesday, August 20, 2008


1. an episode that is turbulent or highly emotional

I won't lie. I stay away from Drama. I absolutely loathe its existence. Why would I put myself in a situation where my blood pressure rises, my ulcer spews acid, and I develop a migraine?
Answer: I don't.

But for some unknown reason, Drama likes me. Drama wants to be my buddy. You know, hang around. Make its presence known. All that bullshit.
Color me highly displeased.

I only have two major exes. Just two. There's not a long line of past relationships. TWO. K?
One is going to be living next door to me. *massaging temple*
The other has his gf/wife whoever the hell she is...contacting me. This is my ex-husband who left when BC was three months old. Yeah. Almost thirteen years ago. But he would be so "BLESSED" if the girls would contact him.
I'm sure he would.
The girls are fantastic. They're intelligent and beautiful. Can't go wrong there. But my memories of the ex-husband are a lot less pretty. The gf/wife says he's "changed." *massaging temple again*

I wonder if I can get Drama surgically removed from my weary ass.


Tori Lennox said...

Oh, that sucks. *hugs*

Rene said...


You do have the drama about you. Yeah, you really want him to feel blessed. I'm sure you'd like to bless him with a boot up his...well you get the idea.

Lyvvie said...

By "changed" does she mean "He found Jesus"?

At their age, it's up to your girls if they want to know their father. What do they say? I can only see this as a go with the flow kind of drama - it's not really yours but your anxiety is into their happiness or disappointment. Make it their decision, and support them, be a shoulder to cry on and grit your teeth when they praise him and smile.

Be strong.

Get yourself a slingshot for the wanker across the pond.