Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Weather Pixie Sympathy

My Weather Pixie is a good girl. She stays on my blog 24/7 to notify me of the weather here where I reside.
But lately, the poor dear is being stifled by the Oklahoma heat. You know. Record-setting temps for the past 5 days. 105. 106. All that ickiness.
And I'm thinking...HEY! Give the poor girl a break! Let her shuck the clothes and just put those blurry things on over her naughty bits.
And WP's black cat? I think he/she (because really...I just don't know) should be able to unzip the fur, step out, and kick back on a chaise lounge.
It only seems right.

I thought perhaps the chickie was in revolt yesterday when it was 105, and she was saying it was 79. Large discrepancy there.
I think she was making a point.

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Rene said...

That's hotter than it is here. Bummer.