Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shoulda known better

We were watching the Olympics again last night. Rooting on the magnificent Mr. Phelps. Watching interviews with the Ladies' All-Around Winners-Nastia and Shawn. Things of that nature.
Then the commercials rolled.
KFC has been hyping the hell out of their grilled chicken. And every time (Yes! EVERY TIME) the damn commercials come on, Oldest Chicken says, "I want that." I make a mental note. We rock on.
And then Sonic has been showing the Fried Ice Cream Blast commercials. Yeah. FRIED ICE CREAM. The nutritional value is more than likely negligible while the fat content riseth. But I digress.
Every time THAT commercial comes on, Middle Chicken scoots up REAL close to the television and expresses her burning need to have one of those.
Now let me back up.
Sonic started in Shawnee Oklahoma. So I honestly don't know how many of you out there even know what one is. But you can google them. And hey! They have a MySpace. *eye roll*
Nonetheless, they have some of the funniest commercials I have ever watched on television. There are two male friends. A married couple. And two female friends recently have hyped the Fried Ice Cream Blast.
The commercial with the girls (I looked everywhere on the web and couldn't find a link to show y'all) shows both ladies sucking down these blasts and then one says...I want another. Her friend grins and do I. Then they both look guilty and discuss the fact they'll have to change to another lane to order and disguise their voices.
The driver deepens her voice and drawls out..."I want a Fried Ice Cream Blast." Then she puts her finger over her lip (like a moustache) and repeats that to her friend. The passenger smiles and says...Yeah. The moustache works for you. Keep this all in mind. *GRINS*

So KFC pops on another grilled commercial. Once again...I get OC bemoaning the fact that her lips have never touched said grilled chicken. So I gather my purse and keys and look at the girls. I tell them I'm going to KFC. You could've heard a pin drop.
Then the silence was broken by my herd of children scooting to the van so fast I think they broke the sound barrier.
While I was treating them, I told them I would stop by Sonic to get them dessert. Whatever they wanted. MC obviously voted for the Fried Ice Cream Blast. BC likes the strawberry sundaes. OC drinks the Java Chillers. *sigh*
So we pull in, and I'm asking for orders. And then one of the girls--OC or MC--says...I dare you to order like that girl does on the commercials.
Excuse me?
You dare me? Oh really???
So I lean over, push the red button, hold my finger over my top lip and drawl my order for the Fried Ice Cream Blast. The girls are ROLLING!!! And SQUEALING!!! And MC says...I didn't think you'd really do it.
Shoulda known better.
By the way...I didn't indulge in either KFC or Sonic. And I've lost another 14 pounds.


Mr. Me said...



Sonic is all the rage out here. Everyone wants to go to Sonic. Their commercials are shown on TV constantly, but there is 1 in Southern California. 1- a single location. It is near Disneyland. I've been to it twice with friends and once with the family. Part of their marketing campaign the said in the newspaper is to show their commercials in areas where there is no Sonic to entice people to drive to where there is one. There are no plans to build one in the IE- the fastest growing region of California.

They have really unique food choices and variety, but healthwise? hmm.... I always go to one when I am back east. I like how you order from the car by pressing the little red button and they bring the food to you. It annoys my dad.

Mr. Me said...

Props to you for ordering that way and not being embarrassed. I would have thought it seemed like a good idea, then chickened out.

Crystal* said...

Mr. Me: I'm shameless like that. rofl
The girls? They will learn. ;)

Sonic opened it's 3000th store back here in Shawnee. And I swear to you that there are at least five here in town. Rather prevalent. I try to skip the eats, but they have half price Rt. 44 drinks between 2-4. Gotta love that!

Tori Lennox said...


I love Sonic!!!