Saturday, July 26, 2008

I wanna be Jet Li, and Nora Roberts needs to quit reading my mind.

It may look like two utterly disimilar items, but trust me...these are the two that occupied my head yesterday.

Jet Li. Isn't he just the flippin' coolest? And he seems to be very busy this year with movies. Every time I turn around, there he is. But what really fascinates me about him is that "bored" look he has. I want that. I want to PERFECT that. I'm really wondering if it's the "Gee, I'm so damn good I can kick your ass and not break a sweat" look...or if he's really bored. Everything just seems to roll right the hell off of him. I find it entertaining to say the least. Maybe it's all that martial arts training where he's just so damn mellow because he's trained to be. Or supposedly emotionless in a fight so that his opponent doesn't get an upper hand.
Whatever the case, I love it.
*bored look*

As for Nora Roberts...WOMAN! Quit reading my mind. Seriously. This must cease and desist. *grins*
I didn't even know Nora had another book due out before The Pagan Stone in December. But lo and behold...Tribute arrived at the library Thursday. I, of course, picked it up. It's almost a cross-genre, but that's neither here nor there. The clinker for me is that the heroine was a child actor.
And what is the heroine in Earth Goddess? A child actor!!! Are you kidding me? grrrrrrr
grrrrrrrrr and grrrrrrrrrr some more.
Now. I was only a little irritated when I brainstormed and decided to title books after flowers. And then you did that with Red Lily and that whole series. I've even forgiven you for making Roarke the hottie-delicious-wet dream hero that he is for your JD Robb books. Never mind that I've had that name for a hero since college and even penciled it in my notebooks. Nope. No one can outdo your Roarke.
Because seriously. Rowrrrrrrrrr
I've let bygones by bygones. But Nora...please stay out of my head.

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