Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Middle School Dynamic

Hello all!

Took my chickens (and an extra chicken friend) to a middle school dance Friday evening. And yes, it did feel like Sixteen Candles to some extent. There were children from a bunch of area surrounding schools. And they rather kept to their own little cliques. My girls' school had two normal children and then a group of about eight that thought they were too cute and didn't have to listen to anybody. Oh...and they liked to Dirty Dance.
Yeah. At a middle school dance. *eye roll*
It was interesting to sit back and watch the activities. Contrary to earlier threats, I didn't shake my groove thing...though they DID have some great music. If the crowd were a little older, you just never know. *wink*
But the girls seemed to have fun. And that's really all that counts.
And speaking of the chickens...Middle Chicken has a boyfriend. Her FIRST boyfriend. *slightly hyperventilating* Sheesh! Can't believe it. So we'll see how that goes. She's in that giddy stage right now.
And oldest chicken is trying out for a play today! I'm so thrilled! I don't care whether she's the lead or third tree from the right...I'm very proud.

Saturday was shopping. On a Labor Day Weekend. Uh huh. I am way too bright for my own good. lmao
Shipped off middle chickie to her friends house. (The same one that spent the night before at OUR house) and chilled out with other two chickens. Watched some movies. Stuff like that.
Sunday I wrote.
And NOT just a little bit. I'm averaging between 6000-7000 every Sunday when I write. So guess who's going to make their deadline?
Oh YEAH, baby! That would be me!

As for the movies...we got TMNT (still haven't watched), Unaccompanied Minors (didn't want to watch), Wild Hogs, and Disturbia.
Here's the lowdown:
Wild Hogs was mediocre. And even though I adore the cast, it sucked exhaust. On a scale of 1-10...I'd say 2. I did get to see William H. Macy's butt. I suppose that should bring it up to a possible 3. *GRINS*
He's just too talented to be reduced to showing his ass on film, IMO. *eye roll* I just couldn't get into it. Seemed to be spliced together with no real direction.
And now that I've massacred that one...onto Disturbia.

Let me just say, I LOVED this flick!!! Holy shit! I'm not kidding. The story was great. The actors were wonderful. It had humor. It was scary as all hell. I just haven't seen anything like that which has caught my interest in a long time. I think Shia LaBeouf is amazing. Utterly amazing. Not to mention I think he's going to be so damn handsome when he grows into those acting skills he has. Rather reminds me of a cross between Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. High praise, indeed.
Now that I've gushed like one of my girls...that's that. *grins*
Hope you had a GREAT long weekend!

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Tori Lennox said...

I haven't seen Disturbia and have no desire to, but I agree about Shia LeBeouf. He used to be so geeky and awkward looking, but he's turning into a handsome kid. He's in the new Indiana Jones movie and I didn't recognize him when he was introduced as part of the cast!