Monday, August 27, 2007

A wee bit short-sighted

I've come to expect a certain amount of difficulty from myself. I'm never disappointed.

I MUST finish Water Goddess by the end of September. I only have, oh...about 30,000 more words to type. (Chere, if you're reading this...I SWEAR to you...I WILL finish it) Sanity is expendable. *shrug*
But then...I also have a Torrid Title coming out in November, Programmed for Pleasure, that I will be editing ALONG with finishing and editing Water Goddess. With the same editor. (Can I get a "God Bless Chere" please?)

It's not like my life has been moving along swimmingly, and I've just been dragging my heels. *snort*
Puleeze! This is MY life we're talking about here. I think we all know better.
So between the ulcer and the ex drama and all that shit...a girl tends to get wore down a bit. So I've set new goals this month.

And in no particular order:
1. Finish Water Goddess
2. Edit Water Goddess
3. Edit Programmed for Pleasure
4. Put items on lay-a-way for the holidays
5. Sanity is expendable. Check and see if K-Mart has any in stock
6. Spend a little less time reading for pleasure and a bit more time writing
7. Realize the "S" on my chest is probably just a birthmark and not an indication of greatness
8. Watch football every Sunday
9. Tell my doctor that if he doesn't fix my ulcer pain, I will seriously harm him.



Lyvvie said...

Now I feel like a friggin cry-baby when I complain about my life. Thanks Crystal!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

If you find sanity on sale ANYWHERE, please let me know! Hugs, I hope your ulcer gets better ASAP.