Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fourth of July???

My sis and her hubby came by last night to shoot off some fireworks. *grins* Yeah, it's a month or so late...but so what?
The sis and I discussed family matters whilst the brother-in-law tackled my children and made them eat dirt under the pretense of playing "touch football." *snickering*
It was a fun evening of loud fireworks and hilarity. And no...for those of you wondering...I didn't catch anything on fire or shoot any fireworks AT my kids. hehehe

And other news...Fire Goddess is on the front page of Fictionwise. So it's now available. Hie thee in that direction and pick it up. Good stuff. I'm telling ya. I have a sample chapter on my website.
And speaking of peeks...you can click on my C'ann Inman link on my homepage and check out a sample of Torrid Teasers Vol. 33 Moon Goddess/Sun Goddess AND a new release coming out in November. Both of these books are Erotic Romance. *GRINS*
I need to figure out how in the hell to get my book covers in my sidebar. I HATE screwing with the template. Makes me break out in hives. *shuddering*

Still on meds. Waiting to find out more about that situation. Other than that...life's pretty damn good.

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