Thursday, August 02, 2007

Inane arguments pulled from my real life

Betwixt the chickens:

An argument about who put two pieces of toilet paper over the missing part of the mini-blind. And then an argument as to how long it has been there.

An argument over a baby doll that realistically uses the "little people" potty it came with. Argument substance: How much can one person feed this baby? When? Who is emptying the potty?

An argument over who touches whose kitten. (Because By God! We don't have enough of the little buggers floating around. *eye roll*)

An argument about who rides shotgun in the van.

An argument about playing a PS2 game.

An argument about who gets the last bit of cereal.

An argument about someone's elbow being two inches in the viewing area of another individual.

Yeah. Seriously.
And can I tell you how much I love to get these phone calls at work? How bright it makes my day to hear my chickens arguing about two pieces of toilet paper? *snort*

Less than two weeks. *rubbing hands together* And I'm shipping the chickens back to school. Back to where the knowledge is paramount (in an educational Utopia), and they are busy from bell to bell.
Find time to argue about some TP then, girls.

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Lyvvie said...

Sassyface yells because the wee one watches TV while standing up and it bugs her. One should sit while watching TV, not dance and talk back to the TV - even if Dora asks her to.