Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A lesson learned

(First. Apologies to all blog readers. I posted three times today. You're reading them backwards. Or I posted them backwards. I'm crunched for time and not playing "musical posts." Fair warning.)

I am a self-contained person. I am a difficult person to get to know. I'm not open. I don't want to have a slumber party and discuss my innermost secrets.
So when I trust an individual with little pieces of me...they need to take care of those pieces. And when someone neglects those pieces, I begin to have issues.
(Who me? Issues? *snickering* Honey, I've got the whole subscription.)

There is nothing worse than opening up to someone and having all that thrown back in your face because the receiver is
1. Not capable
2. A certified jackass
3. Inconsiderate and needs to be lobotomized

Or giving more of those little pieces because things are going swimmingly. Only to have the emotional door slammed in your face.
I'm dealing with it. But I'm struggling with how much to share and how much to bottle back up in the deepest part of myself.
Considering the force of the door slamming, I'm about to pack my luggage and put a "Nobody's Home" sign on the door.

Some people are meant to be strong. Some people are strong in certain situations. And when I decided to be vulnerable, I was shown just how unfavorable that would be for me. So I'm sliding back on the Supergirl outfit (killer boots) and rocking on.
Bullets bounce off me.


Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Everybody needs somebody occasionally, even Supergirl with kick-ass boots. With as much as you've been through lately, feel free to kick some ass in those boots. If you need to talk, e-mail me. At least I have power again. :-)

Lyvvie said...

Not nice when someone gunnysacks their frustrations and then dumps the load on you. Especially as you've been through so much over the past couple months - I mean shit, that's just wrong. You needed to unload. It's not acceptable for anyone to turn that back on you.

You know, you can e-mail me anytime too, just to let it out. I'm far away, I don't know anyone you know and I'm a great listener/reader. My e-box is always open for you.

I am very much the same. I never let folks see the bad stuff, I don't burden with disappointments, I am ever smiling. I have a few internet friends who I can share the hard with and It really helps.

Watching out for ricochet. *HUG*

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* sweetie. What everyone else has said.

Olga said...

Hugs, Chrys*! And everybody has a right to be a little vulnerable, and to be listened to and to be understood is one of the most important needs we have, I think. Likewise, if you ever need to talk, know that I'm just an e-mail away!