Saturday, January 06, 2007

Crystal and The Dell

Yesterday, I had a good day.

I went to a friend's beauty shop and had my hair done. It's now colored and highlighted. There is this AWESOME gold strip that comes down and across my bangs. I feel rather like Rogue in X-Men. *grinning*

And while I was there...there just so happened that the ladies knew of a fellow that needed to sell his computer. A DELL that was only about two months old. And guess who bought it???
Yes!!! ME!
For about half price. AND it came with a printer.

It's so lovely when shit is balanced out with good stuff. Really, it is.

And speaking of the good stuff...I've already explained that I have a review and advertisement in the February 2007 Romantic Times. (I also have a subscription now...and I am DIGGING this magazine.)
Anyway...What He Wants is now number one (AGAIN!) on the Whiskey Creek Press Torrid Top Ten Bestsellers for the month.
And I know damn good and well that it's because of the advertisement/review in RT.
How exciting! And the book came out seven months ago. Wow. *blink*
Isn't that cool?

Let's see...
I hope to have the computer at least plugged in tomorrow so that I can work on my stories and such. And hopefully *fingers crossed*, we'll hear about another place to live today. But I refuse to say more than that in fear that something bad will happen.
Yeah. I have OCD, and I'm slightly superstitious. Sue me.


Bryan said...

I see grins*. You don't know how happy that makes me Crystal. Here's to more good fortune. You deserve some good stuff.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

*cheers for the computer* You desire a WORLD of good stuff! Sending all sorts of prayers and hopes that the place to live worked out...

Rene said...

Cool! That is marvelous news, one of those good Karma things.

Tori Lennox said...

Fabulous news on the new computer! You deserved something good after all you've been through. :)

Nancy J. Bond said...

I'm so happy that GOOD things are happening for you, Crystal -- you certainly deserve them. Keeping fingers crossed for the new residence!

Amy said...

Rock on! So glad you're getting a dose of Good right now. You deserve it!

Lyvvie said...

Are you going to rebuild the old house or get a new one all together? Hope the good karma keeps coming your way, I'll be blowing some over from my side of the ocean. OH and hooray on the new 'puter!! Did he clear out all his porn or have you found a few surprise files on it?