Saturday, January 27, 2007

I've been altered

In a good way.

You know that thing that I was going to do? I did it.

I pierced my belly button. And I absolutely love it.

Keep in mind...I'm no eighteen year-old, flat-stomached, tan goddess. (More's the pity.) But I've wanted this for quite awhile.

I drove up to OKC (after consulting my trusty mapquest) and found the shop. Can I just say that I was nervous as hell? Excited. But oh my God, my stomach was jumping. Ed, my piercer, checked out my navel and told me which hook we'd be using. Then he suggested that we start with silver balls on the end. But I was drawn to the pretty shinies in the display case. So instead of silver, I have red gems on both ends. Love. It.

He sterilized the jewelry. I twiddled my thumbs for the five minutes and told myself not to be such a chicken butt. I've birthed three children. Surely this wouldn't be that bad. Um...surely.

Ed took me to the sterilization room and opened up the case to take my jewelry out. Then we went to THE ROOM. Yes, my friends. The one where you go in non-pierced and come out punctured.

I lifted my shirt while he marked some spots that he would possibly pierce. We talk. And let me tell you something, Ed is something of a therapist to go along with a piercer. He was very calm. Soothing. He explained that I would lie back and regulate my breathing. Then I would inhale slowly, when I was READY, and exhale. The piercing would be in by the end of the exhale.
I grilled him upfront about the pain factor. I have a fairly high threshold. (Thank God) But I asked if people did okay with it. Then I asked if the pain was relative. He shot me a look of surprise and said I hit the nail on the head. It's how you take the pain that affects you. (I absorbed this whole conversation. *nodding*)

So. I'm swabbed, sterilized, and on the slab. (Sounds kinky, huh?) He explainedthat he will step over on my right side and just to relax. Breathe. Let all the negative go out with the exhale.
I inhaled. I felt the sharp point of the hook pressing against the top of my belly button. Then as I exhaled, he slid it through the skin and to the other side.
I'm not going to even be able to describe how it felt. It didn't tickle. Don't get me wrong. But I actually felt a release.
And after it was done, I lay there for a minute in some sort of bliss.
For one, I had actually done it. Something I had wanted for four or five years. And for another, it didn't hurt. Not really. And I was able to let some stuff go that I had been carrying for awhile.
I fairly DANCED out to my vehicle. I felt incredible. It was rather empowering. I think that sums it up nicely.

My kids are dealing with it. Shock from oldest chicken, baby chicken, and boy child. Shock and jealousy from middle chicken. (She's SO wanting it done. I'm thinking in about six more years. *snort*) But I did it for me. And I loved every damn minute of it.



Tori Lennox said...

You are a braver woman than I! Then again, I've never even entertained the idea of a belly button ring. I don't even have my ears pierced. :)

Rene said...

I like belly button piercings myself, but I would never do it. One, the pain, I'm a chicken. Two, it would mess up my tubal ligation scar, a wound I'm very proud of and smile at whenever I get a chance.

Michelle said...

Wow, you are brave! I don't know that I could handle the tickle factor. Yay for you!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Good for you, Crystal! My younger daughter has a belly piercing, but she's toned and flat-tummied, unlike her Mom. ;) Enjoy.

Bryan said...


And I take it this is what you did instead of pole dancing? Good for you.

Tess Harrison said...

Hey there! It's been so long since I've been able to blog hop. I wanted to drop in and say hi. Congrats on the B-ring! Cool.

Nancy Henderson said...

I want a mermaid tattoo. Not a boob-exposed mermaid, a cute mermaid. But I'm afraid of pain...and gutless.

Lyvvie said...


I want to do this too, have always wanted my belly-button done. I'm lucky too because the pierce-able bit is completely numb. Must have been a close snip when I was born or something, but I have no feeling in the navel.

I also want to get the Chinese zodiacs of all of my family on a kind of totem pole as a tattoo.