Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Inimitable Dr. Who

Tardis, we have a problem.
Where is the Dr. Who I love? The genius Time Lord who saves multiple planets with humility, compassion, and wit in place?
I'm all about giving a guy a chance. Matt Smith, Dr. Who du jour, is okay. I say that without rancor. But I haven't had my Dr. Who moment with him. And the way the writers are writing...I'm not sure I will.
Dr. Who is the last of the Time Lords. He has seen and done things that the mere mortal cannot imagine. That's fine. He also has a companion which makes him, in my eyes, a bit more well-rounded.
But when you make HIM the hothead, and HER the voice of reason in all things...I rebel against the notion.
He has seen the birth and death of earth. He knows what humans are capable and not capable of. Yet in the past two episodes of this show that I absolutely LOVE...Amy Pond (latest companion) has saved everyone in a pinch.
Excuse me???
I like the fiery redheaded Scottish chick. She's no Rose, Martha, or Donna. She's her own person. And I love that about her.
But this is DR. WHO for God's sake!!!
This character is interplanetary Mr. Fixit. Amy Pond can hand him the tools, but by God, Dr. Who is THE MAN. Okay. Time Lord.
But the bottom line...give the Time Lord his due. Or I will lose all respect for this amazing show.


Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

Kimber said...

I think we all just need to face the fact that Matt Smith will never be David Tennant *la sigh*. The true Dr. is gone forever, and for this my little heart is breaking. :(