Sunday, February 21, 2016

Whole New World

Not going to break out into the classic "Aladdin" song.  Tempting, though it is.

I've been querying agents.  Necessary process when you want representation.  Not so necessary if you want to self-publish.  And while I don't write for financial gain, nice side effect, I need a broader audience to read my works.
Therefore, I require an agent.
When I truly began writing over a decade ago, I hadn't a clue what I was doing.  Now, with a little experience under my belt, I have a small semblance of a clue.  *grins*
I remember querying agents when I didn't have a book published and wanted representation.  It was...painful.  Some were outright rude.  I remember it well.
But as I query for my five-book series, I've found it's a different ball game.  I've received five rejection emails so far.  And that's fine.  I comfort myself with the fact that I haven't found a good fit yet, and then I pull up the sites that tell me J.K. Rowling was rejected in the double digits.
Here's the difference:  These rejection letters are basically NICE.
Who knew?
I think it has to do with the fact that the Internet is a hell of a record keeper.  Agents and agencies that were rude are being called out on sites.  There is no need to be cruel to make a point.  There's never been a need for that.  So now they are apologetic, for the most part, and you don't feel like you've been emotionally eviscerated.
It's quite refreshing.
I've also grown as an artist that I don't take it personally.  That's what a decade of writing will do to you.  It thickens your skin and hones your skill.  Sharpens your wit and gives you enough distance from your work that you don't feel kicked in the nuts when someone doesn't want said work.

I'll continue querying.  I'm not even through one of my tiers yet.  And I'll keep writing because me not writing is something no one wants to be around.

For those that are also querying agents and looking for a literary home, good luck to you.
Keep writing.
Keep querying.
And for goodness sake, don't take the rejections personally.
If your story is ready, it will find a home.

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