Friday, April 09, 2010

And then they go and do something like THIS!

It's no secret. I love my children and want to strangle them. All at the same time. I'm eternally tired. Still getting over the death of my dad. Struggling to keep the house clean, my ass to work, and my sanity.
And then what happens?
Middle Chicken writes an Ode. To me. *grins*
I needed kleenex.
Without further ado:
An Ode to Mom

When I was little,
I thought I was indestructible;
like nothing could hurt me,
break through my skin.

But as I got older,
I wanted to explore more;
I would climb up on things,
and fall down hard.

You would always be there,
with a band-aid and a hug;
no matter what happened to me,
I counted on you to protect me.

When everything went wrong,
or when my dad was never there;
you stayed with me always,
you were always there.

*sniff* *sniff*
I'll put off the strangling for another day.