Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One fall away from a hip replacement OR How I spent my Saturday

Went rollerskating with the chickies Saturday. It was extremely nice because there were few people there. And I can honestly say I was the oldest on skates. *grins*
I remember learning to skate and then wearing myself out every weekend at the local rink here. It had a wooden floor. It was small. But my God, it was like coming home. My sister and I lived about four blocks from it, and Mom would loosen up the leash just enough so she would let us walk it.
We would skate until our feet would blister. The pure bliss. The freedom. The um, bruises. lmao

My concern in taking on this massive (pure concrete) roller rink was not breaking a hip (give me two more decades for that one). Oh no. It was falling in the bathroom on said concrete floor and bleeding out before anyone knew I was gone. LOL
(I'm only halfway kidding.)
Luckily, I didn't fall once. Which I am eternally grateful for. Because, as one of my children put it, I'm old and brittle. *shakes head* I believe I may have smacked her. It's all blurry, and I plead the fifth.
Bottom line?
It was a fantastic damn day. And I worked out muscles that haven't seen that type of workout in far too long. *smile*
Now. If I can just bring myself to pop the gigantic blister on my right foot. Because there's a return trip in our future.

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