Friday, June 26, 2015

Equality for ALL

Flags are symbolic.  
When you fly the flag of your Alma Mater, you are proud and recognize the great traditions that the institution represents.
A Confederate flag symbolizes slavery, death, and denigration.
It’s no laughing matter when you post opposing college school flags or NFL flags and say those “offend” you.
Really?  What, exactly, offends you?  Be specific?  Did any of those “longhorns” come and rape your girlfriend?  Whip your father until he died?  Fight to keep you and your kin in chains?  Please.  Do tell.  I don’t remember any of that in the History books.
How about we make a flag that symbolizes prejudice against redheads?  Or short people?  Or tall people?  Or those with blue eyes?  Green eyes?  
Let’s make all rednecks fix cars and hunt.  They don’t need a degree.  And how about all women under twenty-five need to be married.  You don’t need a degree, either.  You can be the little woman that your man takes care of.  And poor people must remain poor.  They obviously don’t have the intelligence to do anything but be a drain on society in general.  Take back women’s right to vote.  We don’t need that.  Who do we think we are, anyway?
Let’s just use the hell out of stereotypes.  Because THAT’S what you’re supporting.  Outdated and societal ills that plagued our nation in the past.  So why can’t you leave it there?  Where it belongs?  I don’t care if we leave Confederate flags hanging in museums.  That’s where they belong.  If you honestly feel the need to pepper your vehicle and your front porch with the same, do it.  Tattoo your damn ass.  I don’t care!!!
However, all government building needs them removed.  Any place that serves the people, all people, needs them removed.  There are no people in this nation that need a constant reminder that they were property in the past.  That they could be harm or killed for simply having a different skin color. 
My grandson is biracial.  And, quite frankly, he’s fucking beautiful.  Woe to ANYONE that says or treats my grandson differently because of his appearance. 
Black people are less than.  Our ancestors fought to prove that.  And this flag shows how proud I am of that moment in history.
Really?  You prejudicial asshole.  THAT’S what you’re proud of?  By the way, I’ve READ the history of the “Stars and Bars” and subsequent Confederate flags.  It’s sickening.
Speaking of history, let’s go back a bit further.
We are on Native American land.  That dirt you’re stomping on with your self-righteous shoes belonged to others long before it was yours.
Do you see the idiocy yet?  If not, look a bit closer.
Where does it fucking stop?

And now, guess what?
EVERYONE has the right to marry.
LEGALLY marry anyone they choose.  Regardless of sexual orientation.
Some people are up in arms because OMG…these homosexuals are throwing their sexuality in my face.  Sick bastards.  Twisted people.
I can guarantee you that there are some so-called “straight” people out there that are doing things that would trigger a homosexual individual’s gag reflex.
Bedroom things can stay bedroom things.  Privacy is sacrosanct. 
Marriage is simply that legal bond that says two people believe that they are meant for each other and wish to be bound together in this world for life. 
For those that wish to throw the Bible at this argument, please don’t.  It doesn’t hold water.  Because if you wish to pick out passages talking about marriage, then you need to read all the definitions of it in the Bible.  And some of those, my friends, are distinctly horrible.

All people should be treated with dignity.  If you’re incapable of that, then YOU are the one with the problem.

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Wonderfully written, and so true!