Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Warrior and the Sparrow

I love this book.
And that's not my ego talking. It's my heart.
This is the latest book I've submitted. And here's what it's about:

Willow is a simple woman who keeps her father’s house. A loner by design, she exists unnoticed among the village beauties. That is, until the day a stranger tears through town hell-bent on fulfilling a prophecy no matter the price.

Tait needs Willow . It’s as simple and complicated as that. Dark days loom for their entire world. A sleeping sickness has spread all the way to the royal kingdom while a madman lets loose a disease on the masses that tears apart the very fabric of humanity.

Warrior and the Sparrow is one woman’s journey from negligible to remarkable. It shows how the human spirit can grow and flourish even under the most horrid of circumstances. And it is a woman’s rite of passage from bystander to savior.
This is my longest foray into the storytelling of romance--almost 90,000 words--with all the blood, sweat, and tears that goes with.
Here's hoping my story finds a loving home.

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