Friday, February 26, 2010

White Elephant

Um, that would be this blog. *grins*
I know it's here. I know I need to blog. But then I forget. Or have to take the girls to the doctor. Or myself. Or work. Or...or...or.
Yeah. Bite me.
So I'm taking this motha by the horns and claiming it. (By the elephants have horns? Methinks not.) I'm taking this motha by the TUSKS!!!

Life is good. I'm happy. The girls are (finally) adjusting. But there is so much going and doing that it makes my head spin.
Girls to the dentist. Girls to the doctor. Me to the doctor. I have to freakin' be rescoped (endoscopy) the way. Apparently, having an ulcer for three years is frowned upon. Who knew?
So I make my doc appt (um, yeah, three years no see), and I take my list with me to the appointment. The doc motions for the little slip of paper I have in my hand, and I am cracking up. She marks out what is not going to happen and then addresses my concerns.
Not only do I have to be rescoped (damn it all), but I'm um, WAY overdue for my annual. It just inhales.
But it has to be done.
The writing has lapsed because life is like...HEY!!! YOU!!! Here I am. Pay attention!!!
So, you demanding bastard, I am.

I have a lovely individual in my life whom I love. And isn't that a gift the likes I haven't been blessed with in quite some time. How wonderful is it when someone fits you? *grins* I'm not just talking biblically...lmao.
What else? What else?

Had a birthday. I am now 38. Doesn't entirely feel like it. But when I tell myself that my chickens will be 15, 16, and 17 this year, I almost send myself into Panic Mode. Where the hell has the time gone? And too soon, I realize that these chicks will be starting nests of their own. *sniff*
But I stand by their raising. I'm proud of them. Love them. Would do anything for them. And I'm confident that on most days, they have their collective heads screwed on straight.
Who's 100%? Hell, no one.
So that's it for me...for now.
Lyvvie, my dearest, here's the blog. I promise to TRY and keep up a bit better. God knows I'm longwinded enough.


Brook said...

Exactly! Welcome to the 38 club. It feels just like the 28 club except in that one you don't have teenagers. Okay, maybe some people do.
It's good to hear that things are going well for you.

Tori Lennox said...

Phbbt! 38. Wish I was 38. *g*

Lyvvie said...

I hope you get another 10 years, at least before becoming a Grandma.

Since you're not writing, you can tell me how to write instead.

You soppy in love types are just...soppy. Spreading your soppy, sloppy soppiness all over us jaded sans-romantic jealous cows.

So happy you updated!! Xoxo