Thursday, February 15, 2007

I inhale...I exhale

Let me just get this off my chest. I'm having personal problems. And the damn things seem to be interferring with life in general. Sorry bastards. So apologies to everyone who popped by only to see a week-old blog. Me=do better. rocks!!!
I attended the Romance Writer's Panel Discussion in Norman sponsored by the Norman Arts Council and had the BEST time. The best. Yep. You heard it here first.
The crowd was great. Ron Stahl is wonderful. Mel Odom, Sharon Sala, and Christine Rimmer are absolutey fantastic. It was one of the best professional experiences I have ever had. Had lunch at Legends in Norman. (Never been) And the food was delicious.
Robyn, who drops by here on occasion, won my door prize. A $50 B and N gift certificate and a basket of hershey kisses. Books and chocolate...what else does one need? So Hi Robyn! Hope you enjoy the books you get.

I took names and emails to send out a free book to those that stopped by my table. (Yes. I had my own table!) I didn't realize I would have that so I didn't have many books. And my postcards didn't make it on time. Damn it again. But I'll send everything out when I get it. The book offers will be sent out this weekend.

*deep breath*

Valentine's Day? That would hereby be known as Black Wednesday. Next year it shall be Black Thursday. Get the picture? It isn't a pretty one. So. Valentine's Day officially sucked for me. Thankyouverymuch. Now let's move on.

I had my hair done today. Straightened and highlighted. And it's pretty. I absolutely love it. Will I straighten it everyday? Probably not. But right now, I'm enjoying it.
I'm going out tomorrow and kicking up my almost thirty-five year old heels. Drinking, dancing, whatnotting. Ya know. Fuzzy details may be provided if I remember them. *grins*
Also...doing a little something for myself tomorrow before I go out. Pictures will be posted. hehehe
Can't wait, can you?

My birthday is Sunday. Actually at 8:02 in the morning. So I'm pretty sure I'll sleep past the actual time. But the chickens and I plan on going to see that new movie with Nicolas Cage. Where he's that death dude on the motorcycle? I can't remember if it's Pale/Death/Ghost Rider. But you know the one to which I refer. Can't wait. Looks highly entertaining.

Take care of yourselves. Stay warm. It's flippin' snowing here again. I swear. And yes. I did swear.


Tori Lennox said...

That would be Ghost Rider. ;) It does look rather fun, doesn't it?

And I'm glad to hear you finally got your satellite service back! Yay!!!

Lyvvie said...

I wonder if we'll get this movie here in the UK, you'll have to let me know if it's any good.

Sorry your Vday was a bummer, here's hoping your birthday will be better. Thirtyfive was easier than thirtyfour I found - now we are Sex in the City age so it seems ok.

I'm sending you some Gulf Stream warmth, minus the hurricane force winds. We had power out for most of last night - everything seems to come at a price these days, lack of snow here equals wind storms power. Ah well - candlelight is nice though.

Bryan said...

Sex in the City age would be great if I was having any sex. And this is supposed to be the prime of my life?

Hang in there Crystal. It's probably just the angst you need to write your next best-seller.

Jill Monroe said...

Sorry about the personal problems and VD. And I agree with Bryan - angst (unfortunately) is often where the best words come from.

BUT, I bet you look fantastic with your new hair : )

Rene said...

Glad to hear your conference went well. Hope the week improves.